Double Strength Mushroom Gummies

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Flavor Notes
Fresh Strawberry jam flavor

Servings Per Container
10 Gummies, 4000MG (4g) Total

Serving Size
1 Gummy, 400MG

Calories Per Gummy

Dosage Guideline
COLORS EXPERIENCE: 5 or more Gummies

***Please assess your tolerance based on your size/weight and prior experience. If this is your first time, please start with 1-2 gummies and wait for them to kick in.

We suggest enjoying this product in a safe and familiar environment. This product affects everyone differently, to determine your tolerance, start with the minimum dose listed above. Allow 30-45 minutes for the onset of effects before increasing your dosage.

2 reviews for Strawberry
Double Strength Mushroom Gummies

  1. Lisa S.

    LOVE the Double Dose!! Originally tried the ones in the black bottle and those were great but I wanted a little more punch and these hit the spot. Great Vibes!

  2. Katie F.

    I started with one (double strength) daily (prn) to help with my depression/cptsd/anxiety . After many years of antidepressants, I have unfortunately became allergic to the compound ingredients in rx medications and this left me feeling HOPELESS. Struggling. Until now!
    Therapist suggested, I researched and in my search I found COLORS.
    THANK YOU for your product!!. Turned my grey clouds back into fluffy white clouds against blue skies again!

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