Our Mission


Amid the challenges of the pandemic, our journeys mirrored those of countless others.  We grappled with a decline in mental well-being which was fueled by isolation and economic strains. The resulting issues persisted long after the pandemic’s peak casting a shadow over our daily lives and connections. In our search for rejuvenation, the world of mushrooms called to us. Unfortunately, we were met with many unethical, unhealthy, and nebulous products  that in many cases hid their ingredients and processes. 

We established COLORS in response to a recognized need in our lives and the community around us. Despite the growing awareness of the benefits of mushrooms, many individuals are unaware of where to find products infused with them. As advocates for mental health who have faced our own challenges, we embarked on a mission to create a unique product that stands apart from anything currently available.

The essence of COLORS as a brand is rooted in raising awareness about the incredible healing potential of mushrooms. Our primary objective is to provide individuals seeking access to mushrooms with products that are not only safe and ethical but also discreet, allowing them to enjoy these benefits with confidence. We prioritize transparency in both our actions and processes, aspiring to educate more people about the remarkable effects of our mushrooms. Ultimately, we hope that as more individuals experience the benefits of our offerings, we can collectively influence positive legislative changes in the right direction.