Blue Raspberry
Double Strength Mushroom Gummies

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Flavor Notes
Fresh Blueberries and tart blue raspberry candy like flavor

Servings Per Container
10 Gummies, 4000MG (4g) Total

Serving Size
1 Gummy, 400MG

Calories Per Gummy

Dosage Guideline
COLORS EXPERIENCE: 5 or more Gummies

***Please assess your tolerance based on your size/weight and prior experience. If this is your first time, please start with 1-2 gummies and wait for them to kick in.

We suggest enjoying this product in a safe and familiar environment. This product affects everyone differently, to determine your tolerance, start with the minimum dose listed above. Allow 30-45 minutes for the onset of effects before increasing your dosage.

1 review for Blue Raspberry
Double Strength Mushroom Gummies

  1. Carlos M.

    We just hit the hour mark and for the past 15 minutes my wife has been laughing joyously, happy tears, and in true deep peace otherwise. This is TRUE medicine and we are so grateful for this and I don’t know how to thank you!! You are out here healing people and we couldn’t be more grateful to you. I’m tearing up writing this, I have never seen her so happy. I will be placing another order shortly thank you again!!!

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